10 Things Parents Beg of You to Not Buy Their Children This Holiday Season. (Or Ever)

Ahhh, Tis’ the season of giving. As a parent you put a lot of thought into meaningful gift giving to create memories for years to come. Friends and family join us in this gifting merriment and for that we are extremely grateful. For the sake of our sanity and at the risk of sounding ungrateful, I have compiled a short list of items parents everywhere beg of you to refrain from buying their children.

10) Noise Making Kiddy Musical Instruments.  

Band in a box sets, plastic guitars that only play at 100 decibels and those stuffed dancing animals that play that annoying song over and over. Money for actual musical lessons and a real instrument would be greatly appreciated.

09) Another Jumbo Paint/Marker/Oil pastel/Crayon set

Don’t get me wrong they start out beautiful, organized and with the best intentions.  Fast forward 6 months and half the pastels are broken by the toddler and the brushes are frayed or missing.  Not to mention, where are we supposed to store that jumbo box set that doesn’t fit in the supply closet?

08) Anything Involving Small Beads

They play with them for about a minute, lose interest and we find them all over the house for a year.

07) Plastic Cheap A** Stuff Bought at the Dollar Store

It is not that they won’t love the plastic princess crown and wand set, it’s that they break them in 10 minutes and then cry for 10 days till I go by a real one at the Disney store for $25.

06) Books with Questionable Messages

…or serious grammar/spelling issues (seen several) or those 2 words on a page miniature box sets (Seriously, whats the point of those things anyways?)

05) Candy!

No need to explain this one.

04) Questionable Bath Products

In all seriousness I spend more time than I’d like to admit reading product labels to protect their delicate skin. Kids don’t need toxin baths before bed as fun as that may be.

03) Games with Plentiful Small Parts

They’re really hard to play when you have to go on a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces around your house. Not to mention, those things really hurt when you step on them in the middle of the night!

02) Stickers

I just spent an hour and a bottle of Goo Gone peeling sticky madness off a nightstand in their bedroom and a sub woofer in the living room.  They are great entertainment for about a minute then they become my problem.

01) One of Anything Cool.  

You think, “Oh they will share, how sweet.” I know the truth.  Spare me the fights and just buy one for each of them or none at all.


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