November 2015

The Only 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mentor

Mentor: an experienced and trusted adviser

A few years back I decided to really push my career forward and take it off of “auto pilot.” I remember seeking to connect with other like minded women thinking that would be a great place to start. At the time, there wasn’t a local woman’s resource group established for my organization within my state.  When  I approached my boss about this, she said, “Well why don’t you start it?”

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6 Smart Strategies to Party Planning This Season!

Party planning has always been a favorite activity of mine.  Given an infinite amount of time and a matching budget, the ‘Martha’  in me can go a little overboard.  In today’s busy maze of working, child-rearing and family time, finding the time to dedicate to the art of party planning is becoming well, a lost art. When and if you choose to create a thoughtful celebration this season, the most important place to start is planning time for the planning!  If you are a busy mother this is essential!  Yes, it will drive you absolutely mad if you try to research and put detailed preparation in place only to be interrupted every 5 minutes and really not accomplish much in the end.  Give yourself scheduled and uninterrupted time to gather your ideas and create a plan of action.

Keep these simple tips in mind as you begin the process and get the creativity flowing!

Pick a Theme

A theme does not need to be elaborate or detailed.  It can be colors, a “catch phrase” or pattern.  Sometimes less is more.

Time is on Your Side

How much preparation time have you allowed?  Break down small goals over the coming weeks and stick with it.  Ordering some supplies online and planning a few hours over the weekend to get out to a few local shops.  When will you make time for the grocery shopping?  All of these seemingly simple tasks can and will feel overwhelming if put to the last minute so plan ahead.  Check out these Plant based, 100% compostable products from Repurpose!

Involve the Family and Delegate

Just like in business, delegate what you can.  You can not do it alone and nor should you have to!  Look at the list of what needs to be accomplished and ask yourself, what can I hand off and feel comfortable it will be completed?  Unlike work, planning a celebration shouldn’t feel like a job!  Don’t neglect to involve the children!  I love to let my 6 year old explore Pinterest and add her ideas.  Recently she has taken on the task of doing the table setting at dinner and is starting to understand what it means to prepare the space.  These are small things at the time that turn into lasting memories.

Make a Plan for the “Waiting Period”

Often overlooked, remember to plan out where the family will be during the crucial hours before the event.  This is the time that you need to minimize distractions and any variables.  Could someone take the kids to the park?  Maybe a Redbox rental may be in order?  You will be glad you put in the extra thought.

Have a Back-up Plan

What will you do if it starts to rain? (Happened)  What about when the dog decides to dig a hole in aforementioned rain and roll around in the mud the morning of?  (Also, happened)  The truth is you can’t control all of the variables but you can control your reaction.  Remember, always give yourself more time than you think you’ll need and a few more ideas for those “Just in Case” moments!

Don’t Forget What it is All About

“People won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.”-Mother Teresa

Creating a successful event is about the way people feel when they leave.  It is about breaking out of the routine, sharing time and celebration.  I hope these quick little reminders have inspired you in your planning this season.  I would love to hear from you!  What events are on your radar?