April 2016

Creating a Natural & Stress Free Bedtime Routine

For our family it seems the bedtime routine has varied over the years from our first to second child. Our first child was a very good sleeper from an early age and had our undivided attention from birth. We read at least 20 minutes every night, sang songs from her favorite shows at the time and a few classics from the bedtime repertoire. Then her sister came along and it began to be interrupted, shortened and overall my attention then had to be shared between the two loves.

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Why Comparison is Stealing Your Joy

We are all guilty of the comparison that leaves us always feeling unsatisfied and wanting more.  The message that we should look, feel, act and be different than we are today is in every marketing campaign by every major retailer.  It is this consistent message that tomorrow we will be better if we just do that one other thing.

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The 12 Week Wait: A Guide to Surviving the First Trimester

The joy of finding out you’re expecting is like nothing else.  My husband and I were delighted at the news of adding a third edition to the family. After all, the youngest will be four this November and the timing just seemed right. As this was not the first or second pregnancy, I felt like this first trimester would be a breeze.  I was very fortunate to have little to no pregnancy symptoms with either one of the girls and so I felt it was safe to assume this time would be no different.  I assumed wrong!  

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