3 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

A new year brings the opportunity to make new habits, break old ones and everything in between.  We go into the year with the best of intentions and it is great to have a fresh slate.  Then these little things called “reality and stress” set in and somehow we lose sight of the promises, goals, and even the written down intentions.  So I encourage you to make this resolution with me before going any further:

 I resolve to not feel bad if I fall short of my own expectations.”  

Now that we got that out of the way, lets move on shall we?

Love Yourself:  Love your imperfections and look at them as growth opportunities.  Love the possibilities that exist, and that you are strong enough to create change. You are strong enough to reach the goals, create new habits, let go of old habits or let go of the past.  No matter how much doubt you have, you have to believe in yourself as no one can do this for you.  Love yourself until you believe that you are worth it.  You are worth the fight no matter how long it takes or how many times you misstep. Create a daily affirmation that is believable for you and motivating.  Try something such as:

“I am strong, capable and deserving of my goals. Today I am one step closer to achieving all that I have set out to become.   Today I will attract and create great things for myself and others.”


Make a Detailed Plan:  Many people create resolutions/goals that are far too vague.  Be specific on the why, how and how much and by when.  If your goal is to lose weight, make it affirming and powerful:

“I will lose weight because I owe it to my overall health and I want to feel great every day.  I will do this by eating a clean diet daily and not miss my water intake goals. I will plan out my exercise and  I will lose (amount) by (pick the date).”

I challenge you to even be more specific and realistic as you make your plan.  What does your day look like?  How will you stay on goal every day?  Plan out the night before and make it convenient for yourself.


Decide that Failure is Not an Option: You only fail when you stop trying.  Resolve to never stop trying as persistence is the key.  Don’t take shortcuts to your goals, and find ways to manage stress.  Easier said than done, I know, but stress can be a major contributor to derailing me from my goals. Find ways to manage your stress levels through activities like writing, exercise, meditation and even adult coloring books! I have resolved that stress will not have power over my happiness, daily plans and ultimate success.  Finally, remember that Failure is not an option because it is only happens when you have given up.


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