The Best Sippy Cups

In our house I believe we have tried every no-spill drinking gadget known to man.  Over the years I have started to become a little more specific about the sippy cup brands I will buy because frankly I’m sick of wasting money and I am concerned about what my girls are drinking out of day to day. I’ve been searching for the best sippy cups and it seems to have been an uphill battle.  I encourage them to drink a lot of water throughout the day rather it is errands, school or just playing outside, they need lots of hydration!  Dehydration is a real and prevalent thing with children (and adults) and we have to help them with learning the importance of water consumption at an early age.


The LifeFactory brand is one of my personal favorites.  Their well made glass designs come in a variety of sleek styles and of course are non-toxic.  This company has a variety of products that they stand behind and that can really grow with your family. They describe their products best on their site by saying “LifeFactory designs healthy housewares solutions for modern life.”

What I love about them

They do just that with everything from  silicone teethers to wine glasses! Their baby bottles are adorable and while we have not personally used them they have great reviews from other mothers. We have used the water bottles with the straw cap for years with no problems. The sleek designs and fun colors make drinking water more fun.  That being said, you may run into a few situations when they are not ideal.  We’ve lost one to a toddler temper tantrum, we can’t take them to the pool, they can’t be taken to my daughter’s school, etc.   You may want to consider the Klean Kanteen in these situations.


Klean Kanteen

My new family favorite is the Klean Kanteen.  When glass isn’t an option I recommend a high quality, stainless steel product like these versatile bottles.  The company offers a variety of different styles from sippy bottles to growlers and everything in between.  They have food storage canisters that come in a variety of different sizes and are ideal for camping trips or the like.  We started with a couple of the pink bottles with the sportscap.  The sportcap is made of plastic but it is BPA-free polypropylene #5 (pp#5) and they offer caps of stainless steel as well.  They are the perfect size, have great flow and can stand up to the force of our kids!

What I love about them

The stainless steel is high quality, food grade and rust resistant.  The best part? They are engineered to be cleaned easily.  This is a must for me as I can not tell you the frustration I have had with sippy cup lids and their inadequacy as an industry. I cringe at the thought of what I have found over the years lurking in those lids and the amount of money we have wasted buying new ones! Great detail is provided at their site about the level of detail that goes into every design and it is obvious they are a very forward thinking, eco-conscious company that was the first of its kind.  They even have put great thought into their sustainable packaging and non-toxic paint on the exterior.

I am not really concerned with the looks of a water bottle and the frilly flowers or character design.  In my opinion this has contributed to our society being “wooed” by fancy packaging versus health and long-term product functionality.  I am also very interested in supporting companies like Klean Kanteen and LifeFactory by paying a little more for things that safely contain my family’s nourishment.

What about you?  What are your favorite brands and what do you like about them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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