Bringing Home Baby: Month One to Three

We are finally sleeping through the night, I’ve kicked sugar and coffee to the curb and we are gearing up for a road trip in this edition of Bring Home Baby: Month One to Three

This series will follow the Family Adjustments & Connection, Physical Changes and Growth & Development of adding a baby to our household. This is first of the BHB Series (Bringing Home Baby) and I look forward to sharing our exciting, now outnumbered, journey with each of you.

Family Adjustments & Connections

We have made the three-month mark of bringing home our third baby to the household.  It always amazes me how fast the time passes and how fast they grow! The older sisters have really moved into a place of acceptance and love.  It was an uphill battle for a few weeks with the whining and acting out for attention. Slowly that behavior has stopped and daily one of them is commenting on how much they love having a baby sister in the house. My husband and I realize how blessed we are and now feel our family is complete. In many ways, she has brought us all closer together and gave her sisters some sense of responsibility. Our seven-year-old Avelyn is able to help with feedings from time to time and our four-year-old Remi loves to help gather things like burp clothes (these bandana bibs are super cute as they just clip on)!

Physical Changes

We have begun our journey in the new year of doing a complete overhaul on our household diet.  We have cut all dairy, gluten & wheat, soy, sugar and processed foods from our diets. Within a few days, we have noticed a difference with increased and stabilized energy, mood and weight loss.  I also have given up coffee and alcohol for the time being!  (Yes, you read that correctly!) The idea is to reduce the acidity of the body and get the body to a place that detox can occur with clean eating and a whole food organic diet. To satisfy my chocolate cravings I will sneak a pinch Cacao Sweet Nibs in my chocolate protein shakes or just much on a few of them.  It was painful for the first day or so but surprisingly no headaches or withdraw symptoms as I suspected.  We have been doing the program with others in a 28-day detox through Arbonne. Having the extra support and accountability has really been helpful with meal planning and overall motivation. Our diet wasn’t vastly different before, as we usually tried to incorporate a clean eating based meal plan with organic produce and quality meats.  However, a lot of the processed foods and sugar had snuck back into our cabinets. (It is funny how they do that!) We purged the fridge and pantry and started fresh. When you start to feel better it makes you question if you ever really want to add all of those things back into your diet again. More to come on our final results!

Growth & Development

The baby is growing so quickly! At three months she fits nicely in

Maggie @ 3 months

to the 6-month outfits I bought from  (FYI: Awesome site if you’ve never been on it!) Last we checked she was 16 lbs and 23 in long. The Pediatrician believes she could be around 5’10 or taller. She is sleeping like a champ and in the evening from 9:30-5:30 or 6.  She is starting to try to sit up and the other day she rolled from her back to side while on her play mat.  Mostly she is trying to keep up with what her sisters are doing following their voices and every move. It’s a crazy busy and often noisy household but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


What’s Next?

We are gearing up for a quick road trip to IN to visit the grandparents! Today I am packing up everything but the kitchen sink in preparation for a 12 hr trek.  We will do 4 hours tomorrow and the rest on Wednesday. Thank God for tablets with downloaded movies. This will be interesting with 3 kids in tow but some how we will manage! Mama starts back to work in February, so I guess I need lots of prayers!

Macaroons & Coffee (Well not right now but…),


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