Bringing Home Baby Series: Newborn to Month One

Bringing home a baby in the last month has been a beautiful and sleep-deprived blur.  It seemed like I was pregnant forever with this third pregnancy and then ‘poof’, I’m now swaddling an infant and wearing a Moby wrap again.  Learning how to divide my time between three tiny humans has proven to be the hardest management job I’ve had yet and I’m in retail over multiple locations!

This series will follow the Family Adjustments & Connection, Physical Changes and Growth & Development of adding a baby to our household. This is first of the BHB Series (Bringing Home Baby) and I look forward to sharing our exciting, now out numbered, journey with each of you.

Family Adjustments & Connection

This addition to the family really has been an adjustment for us all. Personally, the lack of sleep has been the most difficult on me.  As a parent to a seven and four year old who have slept well for years, this left me feeling way out of practice.  Of course, we knew what to expect but during those early morning hours it can really feel daunting. Each week has gotten a little easier, baby Maggie is a great sleeper and my husband has been great with sharing some of the responsibility, taking shifts etc.  The old adage ” Sleep when the baby sleeps clearly was not for parents with a toddler and 1st grader.  Napping is generally non-existent during the day after everything else is done.

Our oldest was incredibly jealous at first which honestly came as a surprise. She was acting out with childish behavior trying to get attention which was very much out of character for her. Her changed behavior mixed with the added stress of sleep deprivation on our end was a challenging combination. She has started to adjust and we are working on involving her with more big sister tasks.  Allowing her to pick out clothes, help change a diaper and even bottle feed some expressed milk have all given her a sense of responsibility.

And then there is the toddler… that has been well, a toddler! Surprisingly, Remi is handling no longer being the baby nicely. She was more frustrated that she couldn’t play with the new baby and dress her in American doll clothes. The biggest challenge has been when I’m feeding the baby she will look for ways to get into anything she knows is off limits.  Nail polish, make-up, the baby’s clothes, the pantry, Sharpies… you name it! We are working on curving the mischievous behavior and occasional meltdowns by trying to keep her stimulated with a schedule of activities the days she is not in preschool.  This is still a work-in-progress…


Physical Changes

Physically I am feeling pretty good as my body seemed to recover quickly. The first week was extra challenging as both my husband and I developed a cold! Of all weeks right?!  I gained 21 lbs and last time I stepped on a scale only have 8 to lose to return to my pre-pregnancy weight. Breastfeeding has really helped but with that that being said, I am not too concerned with the number on the scale. I’m working more toward getting back to a regular physical activity schedule and eating clean. I’m taking the most amazing prenatals (seriously, the whole family uses this brand) and this fenugreek blend.  For breakfast I am usually eating steel cut oats and topping them usually with grass-fed butter, flax seed, granola and honey.  I have had the most ferocious appetite so the rest of the day I am snacking quite a bit and packing in the protein wherever I can.

It is a new month and my body has recovered enough that I feel comfortable getting back in the swing of things with exercise. I made a detailed calendar for the month broken down day by day which is helping with the mommy brain fog that I have lived under for the last several weeks. I have incorporated a little me time here and there. I have scheduled a hair, massage & chiropractic appointments so that should help as well. (And more Coffee!)

Growth & Development

Baby Maggie has developed wonderfully and is growing everyday.  She had tongue tie at birth so after a visit to an ENT and in-office procedure she was able to get a better latch. As a result it has made the process less painful on mama too! At one month she has completely outgrown all of her newborn clothes and moved into 0-3 and 3 month outfits.  She has started to develop a few sleeping and eating patterns that are allowing us more sleep.  She is starting to recognize faces, become more aware of her surroundings and make all kinds of new adorable sounds. I am really trying to take each new development in, document it with pictures or in words as I remember how rapidly they change.  This being our last child it seems extra special and important to take it all in and enjoy each moment.

Big sister and little sister
Big sister and little sister

Whats Next?

This week we celebrated AJ’s 7th birthday with just a few gifts and cake and ice cream. Next week, my mother arrives on Monday from Arizona, Maggie has her check-ups on Tuesday and Remi’s 4th birthday is on Saturday.  We are celebrating their birthdays in DisneyWorld in lieu of parties this year. In addition, the in-laws will fly in and come as a surprise.  I am sure they will love it and it gives mama a little break from party preperations too!

How about you?  Are you recently a new mother as well or do you remember these days?  Share in the comments below.

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