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6 Easy Steps to Quickly Reduce Household Waste

A few years back I recall reading a fascinating article about a family that nearly cut all household waste.  They learned to go without a lot of products that could not be purchased outside of boxes and also learned where to purchase goods they needed in a wholesale or non-packaged form.  I remember thinking what discipline this must have taken and all the ways my family could do better with our consumption habits.  

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PlanetBox: Making Lunch Time Fun Again!


A couple years ago my daughter started attending preschool so we began the search for a lunchbox.  We picked up a cute little character lunch box, threw in a plastic bag with grapes, carrot sticks and PB & J and called it good.  For the most part all lunch boxes are the same right?  Then I came across the one lunchbox to rule them all. The PlanetBox.  Four “Rover” orders and many happy lunches later and we are never going back.

What is a PlanetBox?
A stainless steel portable lunchbox design in a ‘cafeteria tray’ style.  With portioned sections so food doesn’t touch, it fosters creativity and ‘thinking outside the {lunch} box’.  With three different versatile designs called the Launch, Rover and Shuttle, they serve a variety of purposes. We have even used ours for picnics, camping and the beach!

Photo Credit : PlanetBox®
Photo Credit : PlanetBox®

What makes it unique?
They are Durable
These lunchboxes are “kid-resistant!”  We ordered our first lunchbox system 3 years ago and it is still in great condition today! Anything that can withstand the force of my children has my stamp of approval.  They are totally dishwasher safe as we usually add them to our dinner dishes load the following evening.  They even have a 5 year warranty!  The cloth box exterior cleans up well as does the insulated interior.

Photo Credit:PlanetBox®

They will put the fun back in lunch time!
Packing a lunch can feel like a chore when we do it daily and for the whole family. But with a little creativity and the right tools in place it can be enjoyable and rewarding .  I promise you will be more inclined to pack your lunch in a variety of different color and designed bags, throw in some fruits and veggies and even add a few creative touches here and there!  There are literally tons of ideas online but come up with your own from time to time.

Check out this Star Wars Themed box from Wendy Copley at Wendolonia

(See link below for more inspirational ideas!)

The Best Part, The Magnets!
The real reason you may love it is the beautiful magnets (Yes, even for adults) There are several options to decorate the boxes as well as colors and styles of the carrying case!  You can mix and match, swip and swap and get creative.
We are super excited to try the BottleRocket thermos and signed up to be emailed when it is available, as it looks to be great for warm or cold liquids!

Photo Credit : PlanetBox®
Photo Credit : PlanetBox®

The Cost Savings
Eating out every day can really add up on the pocket book.  You may be surprised what making an effort to pack a lunch daily will make on the monthly budget.  Buying prepackaged meals are costly, create more waste, and are often packed with GMO’s and chemicals.

The Environmental Footprint Reduction
Day after day use of plastic bags will add up, in a landfill and in your pocketbook. No more plastic ware or missing lids, no more searching for what you are going to pack all the sides in.

Clean Eating
I am still not confident in the ‘balanced’ food pyramid used in a majority of today’s school lunchrooms. It is up to us to instill good eating habits in our children so they continue to make good choices into adulthood.  Good food is not fast and fast food is not good.  Even “healthy” items on fast food menus are usually not made with quality ingredients, so do you really know what you’re consuming and where it came from?  Pack a clean, unprocessed lunch and watch how this one meal can make a difference in how you feel the rest of the day.

Our Lunch time lineup!

I assure you this is a small investment in a great product that will help your whole family as it has ours.  I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have one already or are you thinking of ordering one?  Share in the comments below.  I’d love to see what you come up with so feel free to share your creativity as well

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PlanetBox Rover Lunchbox

Check out the PlanetBox inspirations page for tons of categorized ideas!
Happy Planet Happy Lunch!