Give Yourself Permission 

Between work, raising a family, after-school practices and everything else, lets face it, their isn’t a lot of time leftover for mom. I often feel like I am racing against time and their aren’t enough hours left in the day.  Have you ever felt the mom guilt for taking “you” time on the evenings or weekends to go get that massage?  How about go to the gym on a semi regular basis? Heck, even locking the door while using the restroom?! I have…and it sucks.

I have felt that guilt for choosing to go shopping for something I needed or wanted vs. racing home to start dinner. We have felt guilty for choosing to plan a date night on a Saturday night. As mothers we can spend a lot of hours each week away from our families and it can be hard to give up more precious hours voluntarily. I feel you mom. Here is what I have learned though, mostly from lots of years of practice and guilt. You need to take time for you. You have to fill up your own cup in order to fill up the cups of others. As a woman you are made to do more than just work, take care of the family, housework and sleep (If you’re so fortunate). It is ok from time to time to get out and live a little. I’m not talking about getting wild and crazy here, just taking a little time to feel alive. Taking time to clear your head and maybe wear that new pair of heels still in the box.

Whatever your thing is, do it. Do your thing and don’t feel bad about doing it! You need an outlet, you need to take care of you and find balance. Try getting a little creative with your schedule. I recently signed up for Shipt to get my groceries delivered so I don’t have to make those extra weekly trips and I often take my oldest daughter when I need to do a little shopping.  We get some one on one time and mom gets a trip out without hauling the whole gang.  It’s the little things…

Don’t misunderstand where I am coming from here, family should be the priority.  The days are long but the years are short. Their is no greater feeling than my girls happy to see me when I come through the door and I miss them even more every minute I am away. Some weeks are harder than others, but overall it is about balance. It is about learning to divide your time with whatever your schedule entails and prioritize what is important. Planning ahead is your secret weapon of success. If you don’t plan how you will run your days, than your days will run you. You will be looking back at the end of the week, month or year wondering where all the time went. It is easier said than done but you’ll thank yourself in the end and they may not know it right away but your family will too.

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