2 Secrets to Helping Your Kids Consume More Vegetables!

Let’s face it! Generally kids don’t like the green stuff.  Yet children need important vitamins and nutrients found in a medley of fresh vegetables. Many parents are incorporating salads multiple times a week while pleading with children to “just try a bite!” Sound familiar?  Is there really any secrets to helping them consume more vegetables?Our 6-year-old has fortunately always loved salad but her younger, much stronger willed sister wouldn’t touch it! Picture Inside Out’s  little Riley and the broccoli scene.  Then one day we introduced them to a new way to eat salad and have had great success!  I’ll share this secret here with you today so hopefully it will work for some of you too! My only ask is that you share with other vegetable struggling parents out there so that one day we all may have children eating second helpings of salad!

Secret #1: Chopped salads! Yep that’s it!  I owe a big thank you to a co-worker that revived my love for them and introduced me to the tools out there to help cut down on the chopping process! We laughingly joked about how regular salad “slaps you in the face” when you’re eating it! Regardless of what it is, my kids are eating greens this way and asking for more.  I toss them in a healthy dressing option and sometimes add a protein to make it a full meal and viola!  Another favorite idea is to add chopped salad to a tortilla wrap to give lunches a unique twist.

Here is a link to my Pinterest board full of some favorite salad combinations to try.  Get creative and let the kids help choose the ingredient combinations.

Secret #2:  Anyone who knows me, knows smoothies are a staple in our household. Try a green smoothie in the morning.  We also recently bought these Blender Bottles in various colors for all four of us. They have made the morning smoothie transportation efforts a snap! (No pun intended;) Make it fun and let them help combine all the ingredients in the blender. And as I will always recommend, if you haven’t made the leap to a Vitamix, now is the time.  The Vitamix is by far the most utilized appliance in our kitchen and worth the investment.

Here is a whole Pinterest board of smoothie ideas, even some that don’t turn out green if that’s problematic to your little loves.

Bonus Tip:

Don’t give up and don’t give in.  Your kids depend on you to lead the way and lead by example. Consistency is the key and some days you may be more successful than others.  What about you?  Have  you had success with getting your little ones to eat vegetables?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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