Why I’m Breaking Up With Sugar

It has been a fun ride with you Mr. Refined White Sugar but it’s time we call it quits.

You have had my heart for the better part of 30 years now and I’ve loved every minute of it.  I brought you along to meal times, coffee runs, mid-afternoon snacks and of course dessert.  I reached out to you when I was sad, bored, tired, happy, celebrating and everything in between. Let’s face it, you are sexy and always know what will get the best of me. You are so enticing companies have found ways to make variations of you and now they are on every table in America. (None of which are ever as tasty as the real you by the way). I have found ways over the years to hide my love for you.  I’d keep you in my purse, desk and even tried to convince myself you were good for me when you were hugging a nut or berry.  But one was never enough and you kept me coming back for more. As with many good things in life, our days must come to end.

I knew slowly cutting back on our visits would never happen so I decided to give you up altogether.  I began to realize you were becoming controlling and sneaking into everything I ate. You had slowly added pounds to my waistline, even in processed foods that claimed to be healthy.  I had become so dependant on you that I literally went through withdrawals for days without you. I became frustrated knowing that you had controlled me for so long which has fueled my dislike for you even more.  I started to search others who had broke up with you too and one by one they began to emerge.  People who had figured out your dirty little secret and sneaky little ways.  They had figured out that you change your name frequently to not be discovered in products.  They began to correlate your consumption with all kinds of disease and unhealthy lifestyles.  They realized that when they replaced you with healthy choices they had more sustained energy and less blood sugar crashing.  They realized that not only have you taken ahold of us long ago but now you are taking over our children.

I realize I will never be able to completely keep you away from me and my family. But I will continue to make choices that avoid you at all costs. I won’t bring you home to meet the family very often and I’ve already found ways to replace you with better alternatives. When our paths do cross it will be infrequent and with supervised visits.

Yes, we are breaking up.  It’s not me, it’s you.

Are you ready to join me and kick sugar to the curb? Check out some recommended reading below!

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