The Must-Have Kitchen Tool Every Busy Mom Needs!

You’re busy!  Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a personal chef, you probably still need to prepare meals every day like the rest of us. In my mind, there is nothing worse than working all day and then spending hours on a meal in the evening! No thanks.  I’ve saved thousands of crockpot recipes and some are pretty amazing but they still require time! 8hrs on high? (Who has time for that?)  What happens when I forget to put it on till noon? Or when I’m gone for 10 hours and come home to a burnt, over cooked dish?  Slow cookers are a great tool, but they’re just that…slow! I’m cutting straight to the chase, the must-have kitchen tool you needed yesterday is an Instant Pot.

I discovered this life-changing kitchen goddess while visiting my folks.  I watched my mom prepare ribs that fell off the bone in less than an hour! I took a glance at the included recipe book and knew I had to have one.  This device is a game changer for my busy family!

They’re Safe

Unlike the old school pressure cooker, your grandmother had they have come a long way. The Instant Pot has 10 extensive safety features including a safety lid lock.  You can feel the lid lock into place which was very reassuring to me the first time I tried it out.

They’re Fast

By far, I utilize ours the most for rice and meat. I can make rice in 10 minutes! Then it will stay perfectly moist and warm long after it is done. No more burning that rice I forgot on the stove as the toddler was having a meltdown. It has a keep warm feature it will automatically default to for up to 10 hours. The first meal I made was a frozen roast. In 30 minutes it came out like I had cooked it all day!

They Have Tons of Neat Features 

You can actually brown onions or a host of other ingredients using the saute feature on the device. It even has a delayed start option if you want it to begin cooking at a certain time. The recipe book has all the different ways you can use each programmable feature.  I’ve been able to find several helpful recipes on Pinterest too. Depending on the model you select, there are buttons for porridge, soup, cake, steam, egg, soup etc. It can double as a Crock Pot with the slow cook feature too. Fool proof!

They’re Easy to Clean

The inner pot is made of food grade stainless steel and cleans very easily. Fewer dishes and pans make me a very happy mother.

This is by far my absolute favorite kitchen tool that I wish I would have discovered years ago. My husband is actually using ours right now for dinner as I am typing this. Our evenings are crazy with late hours, dance practices and the works. The Instant Pot has been my saving grace. Give yourself a helping hand and check it out!

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