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Welcome to Executive Mothers!

My name is Rayne Estrada and I am happy you’ve stumbled here to Executive Mothers.  I have been a VP in Corporate America for over a decade. Like many of you I’m also a mother, two girls, one 6 and one 3 years old!

Not Just Another Blog

Executive Mothers is here to offer inspiration to women that work both inside and outside the home. (And those in-between).  At Executive Mothers we are here to help guide mothers to find a balanced perspective in our busy lives.

What Will We Cover Here @ Executive Mothers?

We will offer advice on the difficult day-to-day obstacles we run up against in our busy lives. As well as ways to celebrate both our careers and our family’s.

We will look to find and review products that help simplify, organize and most importantly provide balance for all.

We believe in holistic approaches to health and home and keeping life as organic as possible. It is within this principal, we will share and create ways to help mothers feel educated and proud of what they use for their families in their house, home, recipes and even on their bodies.

Here is a couple of our popular posts:


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