I Support Your #momtrepreneur

Like so many of you, I am constantly invited by friends and acquaintances, old and new, to explore their new business ventures, these Momtrepreneurs. They are involved with everything from body wraps, vitamins, eye creams, books, nail sticker things, clothes, lipstick and all the fun things a fellow woman could want. These are highly educated folks, I know paid a pretty penny for those diplomas hanging on the wall. Some have full-time work outside the home while many are SAHMs’.  Recently a strongly worded post circulating the internet was harping on these women saying they didn’t want any more fake friend requests and how annoying the continual bombardment of sales pitches had become. This is my response to that post as I respectfully disagree. Instead, I admire each of these women and here’s why!

They are stepping out of their comfort zone.

It is important as women to step out of the daily routine. We can grow our sense of community by branching out and making new friends. Perhaps along the way, they learn a new skill and experience personal growth. Regardless of the product, they are breaking through the daily monotony and opening up to new possibilities.

They are daring to believe they could have more and be more.

The very fact that you are reading this blog post is a reflection of my belief in something more.  So what if thousands of other women are doing it? Often these products are really high quality and that is why they sell! Rather it be a solo venture or multi-level marketing, it is still commerce; the activity of buying and selling.

They are working to provide for the household in a way that works for them.

Maybe it won’t bring in a ton of money but every little bit helps right? Women need flexibility and the reality is that the daily grind working outside the home doesn’t fit for every family. Many employers don’t offer flexible work arrangements or work from home options.  Not to mention, the cost of childcare in the US is out of control and many can not afford to have multiple children in care. Women are forced to evaluate the break even point and ask at what sacrifice?

Some of them are doing really well.

Like anything in life, you usually get out of something that which you put in it.  Some of these women have become so laser focused on success that failure was never an option. I know several women that have walked away from other careers and several that are doing well while still involved in another career field.  Success can look different to different people and who are we to judge?

I get these “sales pitches” too.  When I receive that text or see that Facebook message I think,”Good for them! I’m glad they are branching out!” I may buy what they’re selling, I may not. The point is we should build each other up, support other women in any way we can. We should support their #momtrepreneur.

A Day in the Life of a Working Mother

5 am

The alarm sounds at 5 am.  The first order of business is trying to get out of bed without waking the sleeping toddler snoring at your side.  If you are able to maneuver out of bed, carefully removing the foot from over your head while keeping her asleep, the morning has high hopes of going smoothly. If the beast awakens you just move into survival mode and hope to make it through the morning with minimal meltdowns. Most mornings begin with a few minutes stretches or exercise, breakfast preparations, smoothie making, lunches (if you failed to make them the night before) and most importantly coffee! DON’T FORGET THE COFFEE!

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The Only 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mentor

Mentor: an experienced and trusted adviser

A few years back I decided to really push my career forward and take it off of “auto pilot.” I remember seeking to connect with other like minded women thinking that would be a great place to start. At the time, there wasn’t a local woman’s resource group established for my organization within my state.  When  I approached my boss about this, she said, “Well why don’t you start it?”

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10 Habits of Great Leadership

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I have had the privilege to work for some great and not so great leaders in my career.  Yes, you read that correctly, I have been privileged to work for some not so great leaders as well.  I may not have enjoyed it at the time but they taught me valuable lessons.  During these times, you learn what you are made of and the type of leadership you don’t respond to as well.  As a manager for many years now, these are the leadership qualities that have helped me grow as a leader and therefore translate to my successful teams.

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Top 3 Reasons You Should Get Up Before 5am!

Top 3 Reasons You should Get Up Before 5am
Top 3 Reasons You should Get Up Before 5am

You’ve heard the saying, we all have the same 24 hours each day.  Yet some of us complain that we don’t have enough time, we don’t know where the time goes and we can’t seem to get it all done!  It is very hard to run a household, or a business and keep your sanity. I described to my husband yesterday that I feel like my days are in a constant state of “interruption.” (In fact, my 5 yr old just came to me while writing this sentence to tell me that “M and O go together or you wont have an M word.”) He of course related it to a game of Tetris.  You knock out items as they come down, fitting them in to the day only to have the same amount of items coming down and at you at the same rate.

You’ve probably been there.  You start a project, only to be interrupted 8 times, retrieving juice boxes or responding to an urgent email and then while checking your Instagram can’t remember what you were actually working on 3 hours before! The less self-sufficient your children are and the more of them you have, the more you may relate!  At first I thought it was just me.
Do I have adult onset ADD, I thought? And even in the office it can feel the same way.  You make a To-Do list at 8 am and somewhere between emails, phone calls, and knocks on the door its lunch time with the list left untouched.  The realization I have came to is that time is the most precious gift, but we have to control our time or our time will control us.

So how does 5 am come into play for me?  I often start work early and my kiddos are early risers.  By having that quiet time to organize my day for work and the personal life, it is amazing what a leg up it has provided! Coupled with a few hours in the evening after all is quiet, things are getting done!

The Top 3 Lessons of Why Getting up Before 5 am Might be Right for You.
5 am Lesson #1:
You make time for what is important
Decide what is important.  Really important.  Prioritize and re-prioritize.  Point-in-case, I recently knew it was important to have a meal plan for the month so I took one full morning and afternoon of shopping and prep work to make it happen.  One less thing to distract me on a daily basis.  It is also really important I have the time needed to work on my business so my early mornings allow me the needed time.  Get clear about what you want and schedule out how you will get there.

5am Lesson #2:
Be Flexible
Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.  This is so very true yet so often when things go astray and I cant figure out why, its because I didn’t have a solid plan in place.  But here is the kicker, life is going to require us to be flexible.  Re-adjust and make a new plan.  Think of a road map:  If you take Route A and it has a detour, you take Route B.  If you didn’t have a map at all, you may never arrive.

5am Lesson #3:
Get enough sleep
The third and most  important lesson is go to bed! Outside of drinking enough water, getting enough zzz’s every day should be next on the priority list.  Did you know it can even aid in weight loss?  Regardless, we all know how our children get without enough sleep and as adults we can be pretty much the same.  You will be far more productive, think more clearly and be able to tackle your day when the alarm goes off with enough sleep.

Need some help falling asleep?  Try my favorite night time tea: