The Must-Have Kitchen Tool Every Busy Mom Needs!

You’re busy!  Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a personal chef, you probably still need to prepare meals every day like the rest of us. In my mind, there is nothing worse than working all day and then spending hours on a meal in the evening! No thanks.  

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A Little More Disney in a Land Full of Starbucks

It was the day before Thanksgiving and I needed a few more items for my pies, side dishes, and a gravy boat. (I know, how have I managed all these years without a gravy boat!) I had all three kids with me in tow as my husband was at work. Rather than go to the local store I chose to go all the way to Target as I knew they would have the carts that would haul and “contain” all three children.

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Creating a Natural & Stress Free Bedtime Routine

For our family it seems the bedtime routine has varied over the years from our first to second child. Our first child was a very good sleeper from an early age and had our undivided attention from birth. We read at least 20 minutes every night, sang songs from her favorite shows at the time and a few classics from the bedtime repertoire. Then her sister came along and it began to be interrupted, shortened and overall my attention then had to be shared between the two loves.

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Why Comparison is Stealing Your Joy

We are all guilty of the comparison that leaves us always feeling unsatisfied and wanting more.  The message that we should look, feel, act and be different than we are today is in every marketing campaign by every major retailer.  It is this consistent message that tomorrow we will be better if we just do that one other thing.

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